About Digital Stakeholders


Digital Stakeholders is the web development efforts of Paul Schwager. Paul is a college professor who teaches Management Information Systems (MIS). As a business professional he has an appreciation for the way in which technology can bring added value to an organization. He has found that all too often web projects can be “cool” and “creative” but lacking in good business fundamentals. A question he asks his students often is:

  • If you are a business owner and you have $50,000 that you would like to spend, should you spend it on a new information system or a new boat?

Students almost immediately answer a new information system (that must be the answer as they are in his MIS class). But they are surprised when he says, without additional information; he’d invest in the boat. But if an investment in the information system would mean and additional $250,000 in profits over the next few years, then he would wait on the boat. Afterall that would mean he could buy a nicer boat…and trailer, etc.

Digital Stakeholders follows this philosophy. It’s not about technology for technology sake. It’s about providing business value. We focus on using open source applications and free or low cost resources that can be leveraged to bring outstanding business value.